All Good Excuses Have you ever not wanted or not been able to do a thing, but really not had a good enough excuse?

Let the professionals help!

Use our Random Excuse Generator, or contact us for a customized excuse to get out of whatever!

September, 2016— Got a new Bopes project up at: Hopefully it's working.

All Good Excuses is a
   Bopes project,
who are a product of
   The P. Calavara Conglomerate,
which is a wholly owned subsidiary of
   The Never Knows Heavy Manufacturing Concern.

We are contactable at

Excuse Cards!
We now offer notecards to get you out of going to events! Two different sets, one for the holidays, and the other for, like, things that are the sorts of things people invite you to but that you want to get out of!

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Custom Excuses!

Are you interested in owning your own original excuse (that is to say, some clever words and crazy little artwork)?

Are you interested in sending a customized excuse to your friends, loved ones, or nemesis (that is to say, their name, an event, some clever words, and crazy little artwork?)

If you answered yes (and why the hell wouldn't you?), then you should order your own custom excuse!

For only $25 dollars, you'll have a custom excuse created for the person and event of your choice, drawn on a piece of 5"x7" bristol, and sent to them. Yow!

If you feel as though someone else should be sending you an excuse for something, that's fine, too— we won't judge.

We'll contact you by email for all the details (person, place, thing) after your order is processed.